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Since 2016, clients in 63 countries have relied on Textamend. Unlike our competitors, Textamend doesn't outsource or sport a team of 100+ freelance editors. Confidentiality and quality are our constant priorities. 

Live Chat Available 24/7

See that circle in the bottom corner? That's our live chat feature. Whenever Textamend clients have questions or pressing concerns, they know their answers are just one click away. Have a question? Send a message. 

Unmatched Quality

Meticulous editing and writing is our process, and uncompromising quality is our constant goal. Textamend has provided professional English proofreading and editing services since 2016.

Budget-Friendly Assistance

Textamend sports some of the least expensive rates in the business, while providing superior quality services. That's the benefit of working with a small and streamlined editing company.

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All projects have different objectives. While our various services cover a range of potential needs, Textamend offers free consultations for clients and their projects. Simply submit your information and we'll get back to you within a few hours. 

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