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The Best Affiliate Program of 2017 (Earn $320+/Week)

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Over the last few months, The Textamend Editing Company has been expanding pretty quickly.

What began in 2015 as a freelance essay editing shop for students and job hunters to improve their grades and job opportunities soon developed into a company that regularly collaborates with Fortune 500 companies, published authors, and students, on a range of corporate, creative, and educational projects.

Pretty cool, huh? Talk about growth…

Still, despite working with corporations like PriceSmart, German Association for Data Protection (DGD), and Fourth Wall Events over the past several months, at the core of Textamend’s business are the students, professionals, and individuals who made it all happen in the first place! 

We’ve helped these students through undergraduate, graduate, medical, business, and other school application processes—and have yielded tremendous results. We’ve seen to it that academic struggles were turned into academic turnarounds and successes. We’ve assisted professionals through job applications and interview processes—we’ve really done it all. 

However, we never would have developed this client network without referrals. And we now hope to reward our clients for their referral efforts.

So, Textamend is now offering an affiliate marketing program, where students and professionals—whether our clients or not—can refer their friends and peers with a personal affiliate code/link. With that code/link:

1. Your referrals will receive a 25% DISCOUNT on their first purchases.

2. You’ll receive a 25% CASH COMMISSION on those first purchases.

Note: Most first-time Textamend purchases range anywhere between $16.00 and $320.00. This means that on your referral’s first purchase, you are likely to make anywhere between $4.00 and $80.00 just by sending a link!

Through the Textamend Affiliate Marketing Program, you’ll generate a passive income just by referring others to our services, and will receive your cash commission via PayPal within 7 days of your referral's purchase.

How exciting is that? 

And rather than promoting some shady internet company, you’ll be showcasing one with an SSL certificate, top-notch reviews, and a high-quality reputation in the business.

So, do you know someone who needs assistance, feedback, or guidance on their academic essays, school and job applications, creative projects, and more? Perhaps someone who needs to improve the quality of their academic work or applications in a process that is suited to their specific needs?

Then get your Textamend Affiliate Marketing Program Link today, start referring, earn those incredible commissions, and look like the hero you truly are. There's no limit to the commissions you can earn, and there's no ceiling to the academic and professional successes you can create for others. 

Join The Textamend Affiliate Marketing Program

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