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Beta Reading Service Details

Let's say you've written a creative work (e.g., novel, screenplay, poem, etc.), but are uncertain as to whether the work has your intended impact on readers. Maybe you aren't sure of your next steps in the writing process? The Beta Reading Service can provide the guidance you need to spark your creative genius and further refine your work.

Or, perhaps you’re further along in your writing, and have completed rounds of copyediting and proofreading. You'd think that the next logical step would be publishing; however, there's still more to be done. Just because your document is free of errors doesn't mean that your work will be a commercial success. Hire a beta reader to provide a detailed assessment of the reading experience. Upon request, I can also provide in-text comments via Microsoft/Apple Change Tracking. Furthermore, I will answer up to five additional, targeted questions pertaining to your document.

The Textamend Beta Reading Service is quite unique, with rapid turnaround times and immense detail. Honest feedback and critiques are key to any productive beta reading process.

The Beta Reading Service can answer (among others):

  • “How is the overall flow?” or “How does the text read?”
  • “Are there plot/argument holes?” or “Are there portions of the text that could confuse a reader?”
  • “Is there anything that appears to be lacking?” or “Does the text maintain the reader's interest?”
  • “Are readers understanding what I want them to?”
  • “What is your honest feedback on my work?” or “As a reader, how were the plot/argument, characters, and overall style?"

Additional Benefits:

  • Advice on Document Readability. Was the document enjoyable? 
  • Pros & Cons. What worked? What didn't? 
  • Questions and Concerns. What questions does a first-time reader still have? Is this what you, as an author/writer, want your readers to be thinking? 
  • 21-Day Continued Document Discussion. I will continue to answer your questions over the course of three weeks, with a guaranteed response time of 16 hours per question. 

Order your Beta Reading Service, and let's get started today!

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