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Miscellaneous Questions

Is your site (and its payment systems) safe to use?

Textamend uses SSL website protection through Shopify. Thus, all of your personal and payment information is private and secure.

Hal, do you work on weekends and holidays?

Simply, Hal works whenever clients need assistance. If you have an immediate deadline, just let him know! If available, he'll have your document delivered when you need it. 

Do you offer free samples so that clients can test out your services?

Of course! When it comes to digital services, quality is essential, and if we’ve never worked together before, how can you know that you’ll get the high-quality edited document you need? Just email your document to, with the subject “Sample Edit [Your Name].” Hal will send you back an edited section of your document, free of charge. 

What types of documents do you edit and write? 

Textamend is a full-service document service company. Whether you are a student, business, author, or content creator, there is a service from which you can benefit. Textamend has worked with small businesses and larger corporations on a variety of corporate projects, and can provide a pair of professional eyes to look over your crucial document.

How do I know which service to select?

Each available service produces high-quality final products; however, some are more appropriate for certain projects and document conditions. Simply scroll up to read the detailed service descriptions! If you're still not certain after reading through our service descriptions, request a Custom Quote.

How do I place an order?

If your document is under 10,000 words, feel free to place an order right away. However, if you have a larger document, request a Custom Quote. Hal will promptly reply with pricing options, and send along a custom invoice after agreeing to a particular plan of action.  

After making my purchase, how do I send my document? 

Upon order placement, you will be redirected to an upload form, through which you can upload your document and provide your project information. Rest assured that your documents will not be shared; confidentiality is Hal's utmost priority. Upon completing the order form, your order timeline will begin.

Do you guarantee absolutely perfect products? 

Hal is extraordinarily detail-oriented, and takes great pride in ensuring that clients receive quality final products. Still, it is important to note that even editors are human, and occasional errors can slip through the cracks. While rare, these are nonetheless possible, as is the case with any editing or writing service. It is for this reason that Hal strongly advises clients to read through edited documents to ensure that they are pleased with the provided product. Hal asks that clients confirm receipt and acceptance of all delivered files in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Hal always offers unlimited revisions, and is known for his dedication to customer satisfaction and commitment to a collaborative and communicative editing process. 

Regarding educational assistance, what are your thoughts on academic honesty? 

Academic honesty is critical, always. It is Hal's belief that students cannot learn by having others complete their assignments for them, which is why Hal does not write essays or complete homework assignments. The editing services and guidance/feedback Textamend provides are quite similar to the detailed assistance one might receive in a student-run university writing resource center, in which students' mistakes are corrected and writing is enhanced/improved by peers in a collaborative process. Through this process, students learn from their errors so that they do not repeat them in the future.

Needless to say, it is Hal's belief that proofreading and editing assignments in a manner that actively involves educational clients, while encouraging them to ask questions about the provided feedback/edits, ensures that we provide the second pair of eyes inherent in proofreading/editing, while also serving as an academic resource for future academic improvement.

Can you guarantee delivery within my purchased timeline? 

All services come with guaranteed delivery on your purchased delivery date, or your purchase will be refunded in full, upon request. There is a reason why most of our clients tend to become long-term clients; our student, business, and literary clients all recognize that they can count on Textamend when they need a document edited or written within an hour! 

Can you guarantee that my book will sell, that my essay will receive an A+, and that my business advertisements will produce sales? 

Hal is confident in his services, and many of his clients have complimented his ability to increase company sales, attract publisher interest, and improve application and academic success. However, in no way can Textamend guarantee any subsequent successes after using a particular service. Any company that offers such guarantees is one that should be heavily scrutinized before any purchase is made! 

What is your refund or revision policy?

Hal is a reasonable guy who always produces quality documents with on-time delivery. The Textamend service options are also very specific with their intended goals, in order to avoid any potential confusion about what specific services entail. With that said, if there are problems with your provided edits, Hal offers unlimited revisions, guaranteed, until you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. 

For most larger editing projects above 10,000 words, Textamend sends periodic progress updates (with samples included) to receive client confirmation that the editing is progressing as expected. Believe it or not, there are people out there who attempt to scam freelancers and editing companies for free services, and when an editor spends countless hours editing documents anywhere from 100 to 100,000 words, this periodic confirmation process serves to protect work and time. 

For projects over 10,000 words, if the edits provided during our first progress update are unsatisfactory, your purchase will be refunded in full. For all other cases, refunds are granted on a case-by-case basis.