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Section One: The Basic Questions

How many editors work for Textamend?

Visit our About Page to read the Textamend origin story. In short, all orders placed through Textamend are edited exclusively by Hal, the Founder of Textamend. Orders are never outsourced, and all client communications are managed exclusively by Hal. In doing so, confidentiality and quality are always maintained. 

Your site looks different than many other editing companies I've come across. Why is this?

Textamend is powered by Shopify, one of the world's leading e-commerce hosting providers. Through Shopify SSL Website Protection, your personal information and payment details are always secure. For a services company, using Shopify is certainly peculiar, but clients' security is a constant priority. 

That makes me feel better. So what types of documents do you edit and write? 

As a full-service document editing, writing, and consulting company, Textamend can assist with a wide variety of document types. Whether you are an author, business, student, or content creator, there is a service for you.

Okay, so how do I know which service to select?

The most popular services by a wide margin are the Basic Proofreading Service and Premium Editing Service. These cover basic proofreading and more in-depth copy editing and/or line editing, respectively. However, in the event that you are uncertain as to which service best suits your needs, visit our Free Consultation page. Simply submit your specific needs and applicable files, and you'll have an email waiting in your inbox within just a few hours. 

Well, this all seems great, but I still don't know your abilities all too well. Do you offer free samples so that clients can test out your services?

Of course! When it comes to digital services, quality is essential, and if we’ve never worked together before, how can you know that you’ll get the high-quality final document you need? This is another instance where being a small company enables Textamend to personalize services and respond promptly. To request a sample, either visit our Free Consultation page or email with the subject “Sample Edit [Your Name].” 

Fantastic. And are you available 24/7?

Textamend is available whenever clients need assistance. If you have an immediate deadline, just include that in your initial inquiry. If you need immediate assistance, use the Textamend Live Chat feature, which will facilitate real-time communication for quick results. 

Section Two: Orders

How do I place an order?

If you know your desired service, and your document is under 10,000 words, feel free to place an order right away. All pricing is based on increments of 500 words, which can be added à la carte via any service page. If you have a larger document, request a Free Consultation. Textamend will promptly reply with pricing options, and send a custom invoice after establishing a particular plan of action.  

After making my purchase, how do I send my document? 

Upon order placement, you will receive a link to the Order Requirements page, through which you can upload your document and provide your project information. Rest assured that your documents will not be shared; confidentiality is Textamend's utmost priority. 

When does the order timeline begin? And how can I check on my order status?

Your order timeline will begin upon completing and submitting the order requirements form. To check on your order status, feel free to email or send a message via the live chat feature. 

Do you offer any quality or money-back guarantees? 

Textamend is extraordinarily detail-oriented, and takes great pride in ensuring that clients receive quality final products. Furthermore, Hal always offers unlimited revisions, and is known for his dedication to customer satisfaction and commitment to a collaborative and communicative editing process. However, if you are unhappy with a final product and can provide a mutually reasonable justification for your dissatisfaction, Textamend may issue a partial refund, full refund, or free additional review, depending on the situation.  

For projects with larger word counts, deliveries occur in numerous stages to ensure that everything is progressing as our clients expect. In these lengthier processes, clients confirm receipt and acceptance of delivered files in each stage to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the work being completed. 

Can you guarantee delivery within my purchased timeline? 

All services come with guaranteed delivery on your purchased delivery date, or your purchase will be refunded in full, upon request. There is a reason why most of our clients tend to become long-term clients; our clients all recognize that they can count on Textamend when they need a document edited or written as soon as possible.