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Ordering Process

You won't find a more straightforward document service company, period.

At Textamend, there's no complicated registration process or forms to fill out because all orders are powered by Shopify, one of the world's leading e-commerce hosting providers. With Textamend, your order is secure, and your document will only be handled by one individual: Hal, the Founder of Textamend.

When you're ready to place an order, Textamend is an easy, four-step process:

1. Select Your Service. Once you know what service you need, simply add it to your cart, much like any ordinary shopping platform. Not certain what service is best suited for your needs? Use the Custom Quote Form to receive an email some options and recommendations.

2. Provide Your Information. After placing your order, you will be emailed a link to upload your file. Or just click here. Upon submitting your information, the order timeline will begin.

3. Relax. Drink a cup of coffee, read the newspaper, or get to your next obligation. Textamend will confirm receipt of your document, begin your purchased service, complete your document exactly to your specifications, and return it to you within your purchased timeframe, guaranteed. Textamend offers delivery periods as quick as three hours! 

4. Receive Your Document. Wasn't that easy? You'll have your edited document waiting in your inbox in absolutely no time at all.

What Are Your Guarantees?

1. Strict Project Confidentiality: Textamend maintains strict confidentiality with all projects, and never reveals clients or their intellectual property to anyone.

2. No Acknowledgment Needed: Textamend is a document resource; however, we never require acknowledgment in clients' documents. 

3. No Outsourcing: Textamend is a one-man operation because Hal, the Founder of Textamend, believes in quality control. Thus, Textamend does not outsource work to freelance editors. Other editing and document consulting sites do so as a means of cost-cutting or to take on more projects; however, when editing and writing companies outsource your work and intellectual property, they cannot guarantee confidentiality or quality. This is a breach of clients' trust. 

4. Unlimited Revisions: Textamend offers unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with your final document. 

5. Honored Delivery Times: Textamend always honors delivery times, with guaranteed delivery by the final day of your selected order timeline. When you need a document edited within an hour, you'll have it within that hour.