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All Textamend products are divided into four categories: (1) Proofreading, (2) Editing, (3) Consulting, and (4) Writing. 

(1) If you are looking for someone to provide an "extra pair of eyes" to look over your document for minor errors and modifications, then the Proofreading Service is right for you. 
(2) If you are looking for someone to provide in-depth text refining, language enhancement, redundancy minimization, and style reworking, among other modifications, then the Editing Service is right for you. 
(3) If you don't need proofreading or editing, and are instead looking for someone to provide a feedback write-up regarding the experience of reading your document(s), or to answer specific questions you have about your document(s), then the Consulting Service is right for you. 
(4) If you are looking for a copywriter or technical writer, or need articles, speeches, presentations, emails, press releases, or internal company documents written, the Writing Service is right for you. Note that Textamend's writing services are currently offered exclusively to businesses and professionals across the globe.
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