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The Textamend origin story is an interesting one, and if you grant this personal testimony a few minutes of your time, you will discover why Textamend stands out in the document services industry as a uniquely client-oriented and high-quality operation.

My name is Hal, the Founder of Textamend. In November 2016, I created Textamend as an online source for authors, businesses, and students around the globe. For reference, I earned my B.A. from Williams College, which consistently ranks as the U.S. News & World Report Top Liberal Arts College. Since 2016, I have worked with clients in 63 countries. Moreover, unlike countless document editing platforms nowadays, I build relationships with my clients. That is why so many of my clients return again and again. When you make a purchase, I am the sole reader, editor, and writer with whom you work. Likewise, when clients send emails or use the Textamend live chat feature, those messages go directly to my computer or phone, not some third party or chat operator. 

Years ago, I began as a freelancer on several freelance platforms and quickly amassed immensely high ratings. Clients often told me that they had previously worked with other editors through both online editing companies and freelancing platforms, and were shocked by how terrible these services frequently were, despite their supposed "good" reviews. 

Thereafter, I conducted some investigations of my own, and discovered that some editors on freelance platforms and in dedicated editing companies barely have a command of the English language. There are certainly exceptions, but many document service websites are actually run by individuals with limited English knowledge, who hope to make a quick buck (primarily from students) by charging high premiums and outsourcing on freelance platforms to individuals who are charging far less for their services. How do I know this? Well, because I have been regularly approached by these editing businesses. Even some of the largest editing companies outsource their orders, occasionally producing low-quality results. 

You visited Textamend because you need document assistance for your book, business, application, or other project. Fortunately, I have worked with a multitude of authors, corporations, small businesses, educational institutions, playwrights, publishers, and content creators across the globe. Not many editors and writers can say that they've worked with major corporations and published authors, while simultaneously assisting applicants on their smaller projects (e.g., resumes and cover letters). This variety makes this work exciting for me, and when working with an editor, you always want to find someone who is (1) excited, and (2) qualified to assist you with your document or project. Fortunately, I am both. 

Welcome to Textamend, where quality products and customer satisfaction are constant priorities. Let's get to work.


Founder and Editor, Textamend